About Us

A healthy beef product is what we want to deliver to the consumer. “We believe strongly in the health benefits of Longhorn Lean Beef,“ says Wilton, a heart by-pass recovery patient. Our business over the years has evolved to a point where we have a following of natural beef customers.

Carolyn and Wilton have been raising Registered Texas Longhorn cattle for over 20 years. They have cattle on their 20 acre home ranch at Coupland, Texas and on their almost 300 acre working ranch near Bryan-College Station where they keep the seed stock for the business. “We started with two bred cows, one with a heifer calf, in 1987, on 50 unimproved acres,” Wilton says.

“I can’t just put a couple of cows in the pasture to watch. I have to have a purpose. So we sat down and developed a direction.” All along the cattle were sources for their personal meat needs; they always had a steer in the feed lot. “We began to share the beef products with our family and friends. We followed and promoted the demand for healthy beef products,” Wilton said. “In 2007,” Carolyn described the change in direction for their business, “we decided to emphasize our healthy beef products. Rather than selling the steers for recreational cattle, we put our requirement for strict quality and conformation to work for us. We believe The Texas Longhorn is a beef animal and should have the ability to put meat on its bones and raise a calf.” The market for natural healthy products is there and we have the inventory to supply a big local part of it.

An invitation is always open for visit to Astera Meadows Ranches. “Plan to stay awhile when you pick up your order,” Carolyn offers.

Contact us at wilton@asterameadows.net